Fox Mask Paper Craft Kit


The Fox Mask Kit is designed for the daring, the wily and the wise.

Remarkably clever and impeccably lithe, the Fox is light on its toes and thinks on its feet. Preferring to use its sharp cunning over brute strength, the Fox outsmarts its foes and escapes even the trickiest of situations. The fox is quick in both mind and motion, and its subtle, stealthy nature sees it slink away unnoticed and unscathed from any impending danger. A curious creature, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, never failing to act wisely and with poise.

Whether you’re a vivacious vixen or a regal Reynard, the Fox Mask Kit will inspire prowess and agility, playfulness and charm.  

Are you ready to awaken the animal within?

Celebrate this crafty little critter with your very own Fox Mask Kit.

We all know that foxes are crafty. Enjoy making your very own fox mask with the Lapa Fox Mask Kit! We'll send you full instructions plus the pre-cut and pre-folded pieces to make this fabulous 3D fox mask. This fox mask kit is an amazing place to start if you're building a fox character costume! Add a suit and tie for a "fantastic" fox personality or go full-fox with a fox onesie. Put on your full-head fox mask whenever you feel a bit foxy! 


Our mask kits are unique, eye-catching and, best of all, easy to make. With the LAPA Fox Mask Kit, anyone can assemble a stunning piece of decorative headgear. The Fox Mask Kit includes all materials to build your very own Fox Mask, all you need to bring to the project is a bit of glue. We’ll provide everything else.

Go ahead and be a showstopper for Halloween, New Year's, costume and birthday parties, cosplay or any other time you just want to get into a different headspace for a while.


Play some music, clear your work space, and…

1. Fold the pieces
2. Find the matching numbers
3. Glue the pieces together
4. Wear and scare - Or wear and care. Your choice.


- Craft glue
- Your favorite music


- All paper pieces needed to complete the mask and have a blast.
- Each piece is pre-cut, pre-scored and labeled for quick assembly.
- Easy-to-follow instructions.
- Single adjustment headband for a comfortable fit, whatever your size.
- Safe, non-toxic & FDA complaint card-stock paper.
- Tons of fun


Yes! We have included a single-adjustment headband for a comfortable fit, whatever your size. But we recommend these mask kits for ages 10 and up.

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We live for this stuff!

Thank you for investing in the creative spirit! LAPA-style

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