All our products come with carefully designed instructions and patterns. Just follow each step from start to finish to build your individual paperart design.

Here are the materials and tools that you will need!

 Tools:  Material:
- Printer (US-letter/A4)
- Scissors 
- Ruler 
- Thick needle or blunt knife
- Printer paper US-letter/A4 
- Cardstock
- Gluestick or spray glue 
- Adhesive tape or wood glue


- Print out the pattern on printer paper.
- Cut the pieces out roughly.
- Use thicker cardstock as final material (110-140lb or 200-300gsm).
- Glue them to the back of your final material (use a gluestick or spray glue).
- Cut out the pattern pieces along the solid cutting lines.

Note: The dashed lines are folding lines, make sure not to cut them!

- Using a thick sewing needle or blunt knife and a ruler, score along the folding lines.
- Fold along the creases as mountain and valley as shown above.
- Each number on the mask pattern has a twin. Find the matching numbers.
- Use glue or adhesive tape from the outside to attach the pieces together.

- Glue all the mask pieces together.

Note: This method will result in the pattern guide numbers
hidden on the inside of the finished mask.

Finish your artpiece!
Have Fun!