Welcome to Lapa Studios! Gather your scissors, glue, paints & paper and turn cardboard into extravagant paper masks with our DIY printable mask templates. We provide digital templates for unique animal masks, kid’s mask and paper sculptures.

Our downloadable DIY low poly masks are fun to build and perfect for Halloween, New Year's Eve, cosplay events, weddings, and fancy dress parties!

Download, print and create an impressive cardboard masterpiece, a last-minute Halloween costume or an eye-catching masquerade mask! Add your own unique style and decorate them using your infinite creativity!

Check our signature collection and choose from over 100 cool Do It Yourself paper mask designs; fox mask, wolf mask, dragon mask, panda mask, unicorn mask, pig mask, rabbit mask, kitsune mask, dog mask, horse mask, cat mask, crow mask, bird mask, lion mask, alligator mask, Halloween masks, kid’s mask and many many more!

Un-Mask your creativity with our fun craft ideas and be what you want to be in 3D!


All of our paper craft projects are developed and crafted with love and care, fun and easy to build, and environmentally friendly! They are designed to be downloaded instantly and crafted by you, using our detailed simple-as instructions. 


- Custom mask and costume designs
- Showroom and window displays
- Paper sculptures for Interior decor 


Lapa Studios is a paper goods company based in Los Angeles. We have more than a decade of experience as artists, creators, graphic designers, product designers and photographers.
By fusing our love for digital design with our passion for paper craft, we are able to create blueprints of all that surrounds us. We rebuild everything by using paper, cardboard and our creativity. Our designs are downloadable plans and instructions, easy to assemble and fun to fold with friends, family or on your own.