Paper toy

What are Paper Toy Mascots?

A paper toy mascot is a fun and interactive DIY toy that comes in the form of a printed paper pattern or a digital PDF, that is ready to be assembled by your customer. The toy can be designed in any shape or form, and it represents your company's, university's, college's, or sports team's mascot or logo.

Anything is possible!

From animals, birds, and dinosaurs to mythical creatures and human characters with wings, claws, or tails. Our experienced design team can create the perfect paper toy mascot to represent your brand or organization. Based on your logo or mascot, we will craft a custom design that is unique, engaging, and fun for your audience to assemble.


Sending a creative message

Our paper toy mascot instructions include the toy pattern and a concise manual that outlines the steps to build your mascot. You can customize the layout by adding your logo, sponsorship details, or any message you wish to convey to your audience. This makes your paper toy mascot not only fun and interactive but also a unique marketing tool that promotes your brand or organization in a creative and memorable way.


Building is
easy & fun

Each building block of the figurine is cutout, folded and glued together. In the end all the pieces are put together to form the paper toy.


Printed or Digital

You can choose to send the toy printed via mail, or you can save valuable energy and resources by sharing the paper toy mascot with your audience digitally. Simply send it in PDF format to your customers as an email.


Brand your

The Paper toy mascot is 100% custom-made for you. A perfect representation of your brand or institution.


Send the Paper toy via email as a printable PDF. An environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to reach your customers.

Engage with your

By offering a hands-on experience, you will be promoting sustainability and creativity while also enhancing company or school spirit.

Who We are

Welcome to Lapa Studios!
We are a creative agency based in Los Angeles specialized in all things made out of paper. We have more than a decade of experience as artists and creators. By fusing our love for digital design with our passion for papercraft, we are able to create blueprints of all that surrounds us. We rebuild everything by using paper, cardboard and our creativity.
All of our paper craft projects are developed and crafted with love and care, fun and easy to build, and environmentally friendly!


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