Hare Mask Kit

With a little glue, you're halfway there, to turn yourself into a Hare!

Don’t mask your creativity; CREATE YOUR MASK!
We have heard your call, scoured our designs, done the painstaking work, and... (drum roll)...
Finally! It's arrived - the first series of LAPA Studios DIY Card Stock Mask Kits!
With the all-new LAPA Mask Kit, anyone can assemble a stunning piece of decorative headgear.

No more running around, tracking down tools and materials. No more cutting and scoring - and aching fingertips.
To build your very own stunning mask, all you need to bring to the project is glue (not included). We’ll provide everything else. 

This Mask Kit contains all the card stock pieces needed to complete your mask and have a blast. 
Each piece is pre-cut, pre-scored and labeled for quick assembly, and made out of safe, non-toxic & FDA complaint card-stock paper. Our easy-to-follow instructions will guide you smoothly through each step of the building process.
But will it fit? Yes! We have included a single-adjustment headband for a comfortable fit, whatever your size. But we recommend these masks for ages 10 and up.

Go ahead and be a showstopper for Halloween, New Year's, costume and birthday parties, cosplay or any other time you just want to get into a different headspace for a while. Let your creativity run free and decorate your masks using markers, paint, beads, glitter – the choices are endless.

--------------------- HOW TO BUILD ---------------------

Play some music, clear your work space, and…

1. Fold the pieces
2. Find the matching numbers
3. Glue the pieces together

--------------------- IN THIS KIT ---------------------

- All paper pieces needed to complete
the mask and have a blast.
- Easy-to-follow instructions.
- adjustable headband for a comfortable
fit, whatever your size. (Ages 10 and up)
- Each piece is pre-cut, pre-scored and
labeled for quick assembly.
- Safe, non-toxic & FDA complaint
card-stock paper.

--------------------- WHAT YOU NEED ---------------------

- Craft Glue "(not included)"

Looking for a bigger creative challenge?
Check out our downloadable patterns and directions for scores of extraordinary masks.
You bring the materials; we provide the guidance.

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