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Fawn Sculpture - DIY Paper Sculpture - Low Poly Paper Craft Template


There's no need to wait! Instantly download, print and make your very own Fawn Sculpture with our printable Paper Fawn Sculpture Template right in your home! 

Put your patience and scissor skills to the test with this downloadable, beautiful Fawn sculpture and decorate your home! There's even no need to wait! Instantly download, print and make this low poly paper sculpture right in your own home with our printable pattern template! This paper craft project comes with detailed instructions and gives your interior a nice boost! 

If you can follow instructions and cut a straight line, you can create a fun polygonal art piece. You don't need a tool belt to build this unique paper sculpture masterpiece, but if you really want to wear it, we won't judge. 

The instant download includes full instructions and the printable pattern pieces you'll need to make the Fawn sculptureWith a few basic supplies that you may already have at home, you can build your personal art piece at home.

See our Helpfile →

Level C = Hard.
You will need more than 7 hours to build the sculpture.

- Pattern and instructions
- Detailed instructions in English
- Help File with photographs of the building steps

- A printer (A4 or US letter size)
- 29 sheets of A4/letter size paper or cardstock
Our recommendation: 200-250gsm / 70lb-100lb)
We used the following colors:
- 29 sheets - pink
- Scissors
- Ruler
- A scoring tool
- Craft glue
- Glue stick or Spray glue

- Height: 17.5" / 44 cm
- Width: 24" / 61 cm 
- Depth: 15.8" / 40 cm

Adding personal touches to your place doesn't need to be expensive, impersonal mantle pieces that just don't quite reflect your playful spirit. DIY art is an affordable, personal way to blend your personality into any room decor.


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By fusing our love for digital design with our passion for paper craft, we are able to create blueprints of all that surrounds us. We rebuild everything by using paper, cardboard and our creativity. Our designs are downloadable plans and instructions, easy to assemble and fun to fold with friends, family or on your own.

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